Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork

I offer a Thai Yoga Massage experience incorporating many bodywork principles of stretching and opening up energy channels in the body, which will offer you healing and restoring of balance, and help you to have a deeper sense of connection with your own body.


Thai Yoga Massage has been known to be very deep, sometimes painful, and with extreme stretches that have you running for the hills. However, I work in a very gentle and rhythmical way being very intuitive to where your body feels tight, and where your body can go further. This method of work is both relaxing and deeply healing for you.
Each massage session is performed to suit the client. Not everyone is flexible and some people have very limited mobility or chronic conditions. However, everyone can benefit from Thai Yoga Massage, at any age or condition
Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient form of medicine handed down from teacher to Student for the past 2,500 years. Originally founded by Dr Jivago who was a personal physician to the King of India, he was known for his skills in Ayurveda, meditation and yoga asana. He was also a close friend to Buddha and provided medical care to him and other Buddhist monks. As a result Thai Yoga Massage became an integral part of the Buddhist religion.

1 Hour Massage

This treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and de-stressed, energised and with a much greater feeling of flexibility. Gentle stretching, joint mobilisation and acupressure points help to relieve tense muscles, allow more movement and free up the circulation of energy flow within your body. If requested, this session can be focussed on a specific injury or condition.

1 ½ Hour Massage

This treatment allows more time to go deeper into knots and muscle tension to find a greater degree of release within your body. It does take time for the body to warm up to prepare the tissues for deeper pressure, and this treatment will allow the time to achieve that.

2 Hour Massage

A two hour session is the ideal amount of time needed to do a full body massage. It is particularly recommended for chronic or long-term health issues or conditions.
If you have never experienced a two hour treatment, this can sound like a long time. However, people’s experience is very different and in fact they really appreciate the impact of a full treatment. In this session it is usual to feel a deep meditative like relaxation with feelings of peace and calm within the body and mind which can be difficult to achieve in daily life. The effects of this session will likely be felt for days after.

About me

I have been studying and practicing Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Massage and complex bodywork movements since 2021. Having studied with the wonderful Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage in London, I have been continually developing my practice in order to help more people.
I am also a qualified acupuncturist and teacher of martial arts for over 30 years, so I understand health and body movements, and using these skills, I have helped many clients over the years.
My passion is to help people improve their health and their life, feel relaxed, calm, but at the same time release the energy that you need to get things done in today’s busy lifestyle. Most of all, I will help you to reconnect your body to your mind. This is the work that I choose to offer to you.

Plan a Visit

The Massage Treatment
The client should attend the session wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing, or if you prefer, stretchy leggings will be almost as good. The massage takes place on the floor, on a special mattress called a futon. A combination of palms, thumbs, elbows and feet are used to apply a combination of acupressure, stretching, twisting and spinal manipulations.
Each session is especially tailored to the client, everyone is unique and you require your own combination of techniques depending on how you feel on the day. I will work with you to discover your limitations, and what you need physically and emotionally to restore calm and happiness within your life.